95mm Polyurethane Form Insulated Profile

95mm Polyurethane Form Insulated Profile

Viewguard 95mm Industrial Insulated Roller Doors have been designed and produced by Viewguard Products. We are the first in India to produce a one piece Industrial lath, every aspect of this product has been carefully designed from the choice of material to the unique shape of the profile. Below are some of the advantages of choosing our superior product.


Curtain- It is Pre-painted GI Profile insulated with Polyurethane form
Profile Size- Height-95mm, Depth-22mm, Pre-painted Sheet Thickness-0.5mm
Bottom plate-aluminum extruded double wall with rubber gasket.
Bracket plate-M.S sheet thickness and size from 3mm to 10mm of bracket plate depends upon the height/weight of rolling shutter.
Roller drum-fabricated from mild steel tube with the outer diameter and thickness appropriate to the size and application of the rolling shutter.
Door locking-shoot bolts are fitted internally to accept padlock for chain operated steel roller shutter only.
Hoods/Fascias-are available as optional extras to suit the application. Hoods are manufactured in house at View Guard security from 0.5mm galvanized steel sheet
Operation-Either chain operated or electrically operated. Locking is not recommended for electrically operated rolling shutter.
Technical Information-RR95 pre-painted GI profile insulated with polyurethane form.
Side Guides- MS side guides are supplied with brush seal inserted inside of both the wall of channel

Motors Features:

Tubular motor / side gear motor

We can provides the following optinal featuers with the nmotoriesed rolling shutter.
Photo cells
Interlocking one rolling shutter to another Rolling shutter
Safety edge
Blinking Light while rolling shutter is in operation
Siron system while while rolling shutter is in operation
Automatic Phase preventer in case RYB phase changes, the phase preventer control will give the right sequence of RYB to the three Phase motors.
Remote Control or Key switch.