Poly Carbonate Rolling Shutters

Poly Carbonate Rolling Shutters

Polycarbonate rolling doors with strengthened steel rods between the panels are made by Vijay Shutter Enterprises. Our polycarbonate rolling shutters are highly sturdy and resistant to forced entry thanks to the design and materials. In our cutting-edge manufacturing, polycarbonate rolling shutters are always constructed to order and combine the strength and transparency of polycarbonate slat with aluminium or stainless-steel tube. It is a well-liked design for applications that require both security and transparency. Commercial shops and shopping centres frequently utilise polycarbonate roller shutters. A man-made substance especially suited for roller shutters is poly-carbonate. It is clear like glass, yet unlike glass, it is extremely difficult to break. Our transparent polycarbonate roller shutter doors are the perfect choice for stores that wish to keep costly items on show, such as jewellers, because they combine high visibility with exceptional strength. Additionally, these shutters are a wise choice for locations like banks that need a higher level of protection.

However, as industrial doors, polycarbonate rolling shutters have advantages of their own. Due to its durability, polycarbonate is a common material used to create industrial doors and other electrical goods. It is a thermoplastic that possesses all the necessary qualities to best suit various industries. Due to its robust and long-lasting qualities, polycarbonate doors are also gaining popularity and are used by numerous people.

A polymer with strong strength to withstand attack, polycarbonate is durable. These polycarbonate shutter doors also have anodized aluminium joints that are attached in between the shutter panels. As a result, its structural balance and durability are enhanced. When used as shop fronts, polycarbonate rolling shutters enhance the appearance of the interiors in addition to being strong and durable. A polycarbonate door is the best choice if you want to display products in your shops like jewellery, clothing, and other artefacts because it can both protect and display the items.


Transparent Polycarbonate roller shutters are effective and simple to maintain, from their durability to their straightforward cleaning method. Additionally, the industrial door’s aesthetic remains unaltered, negating the need for frequent painting and varnishing. The ideal balance of strength, durability, visibility, and ease of use may be found in polycarbonate rolling shutters. It is a great option for industries because of the combination of these features. For the greatest shutter solutions, go to Vijay Shutter Enterprises if you’re looking to invest in a beautiful and high-quality industrial roller shutter.