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The Automatic rolling shutter for home consists of various horizontal slats connected in a manner that works like a shield to our residency. It is usually raised to open it and you need to apply a pull force to shut it down and all the work is automatic. They usually give you protection from wind, rain, fire, and any other complex situation. 

The material used for this Automatic rolling shutter for home is usually metal, steel, or metal that is foremostly used. In an automatic rolling shutter for home only thing you need to open it and shut it down is to press the button. It is motorized by an electrically high motor but gives you a step ahead of protection than regular shutters operated by users with human force.

Automatic rolling shutter for home by vijay shutter enterprises

Let's Just Understand Its Structure: -

Guide rails

These are the side frames secured to the doors and windows to help in retain the shutter curtain opening.  

Head box

It’s made up of steel usually where it contains a pulley along while all the horizontal slats are rolled up and rolled down as per the instruction given by pressing the button.


A few horizontal plates attached to form a shutter


These are found at the end of the cylindrical tube under the shutter box to support the horizontal slats to continue their function.

Bottom Slat

It is made to match the rest of the roller shutter and also contains a lock most important part where it has a slide lock and bullet lock.

Automatic rolling shutter for home

Benefits Of Automatic Rolling Shutter For Home

Easy To Operate

The functioning of an ordinary rolling shutter usually consumes a lot of time but with the invention of the Automatic rolling shutter for home, this problem is also eliminated. The automatic rolling shutter becomes convenient with its feature of button control feature or remote control feature where you find speed under control and avoid uncertain accidents also few of the Automatic rolling shutter for home have a feature that rolls back or stops in between if there is any obstacle found. That’s why automatic rolling shutters are considered best.


These automatic rolling shutters are made up of steel, aluminum, or either mix of both giving them a long life. These metals contain good strength giving them a scope to withstand extreme conditions like temperature ups and down and also different harsh conditions like rain, hailstorms, and more. They are more durable and functional and become a first choice when it comes to choosing a Automatic rolling shutter for home than it should be only an automatic rolling shutter for the home.

Provides Protection

Privacy is the first concern for everyone in every place whether it’s their home or their workplace and you need safety here where you can blindly trust Automatic rolling shutter for home as they protect your home or also act as a barrier to any crime and also work as great benefits as it takes very less time to open and shut and do not requires human force to operate its and with its great automatic facility makes its efficient and time saver you will not face any problem to opening it and shutting it.

Aesthetic Appeal

These Automatic rolling shutter for home come in different color shades adding a touch of elegance to your home. It upgrades the overall house appearance with the use of it. The manufacturers or suppliers give you the option to choose from six widely chosen colors or you can go for customized ones whatever suits you.


This Automatic rolling shutter for homer are great option for privacy as once you shut down it you get instant privacy. A great choice for residential purposes and is also used in warehouses or industries for different departments. You can rely on its strength and from top to bottom it covers every part without leaving space for anything behind.

Automatic rolling shutters for home

Energy Efficient

These Automatic rolling shutter for home are heat and cold resistant and even some of the Automatic rolling shutter for home give you a facility of temperature cold or if we say it as simple as possible then you need to know that you will not get any feel of the outer temperature inside which even reduces your energy cost.

Long Run Investment

You need to choose only the best Automatic rolling shutter for home as it proves a good long run investment because of its features like it does not get depleted early and is even able to survive in different temperatures and harsh conditions.


The only reason it becomes the first choice because it is matches today’s needs and wants. With growing technology, you look for that in everything you need, and to fulfill this condition automatic rolling shutters have been invented. They look efficient, modern, and easy to use since they do not need any kind of technical skills to operate their function but you need a technician to install the Automatic rolling shutter for home.

Its benefits are not restricted to above mentioned you can get more by customizing it to your necessity you can sealing gives you the property of no noise insulation, and also serves as a shield against insects and pests but its primary concern is safety only you need to consider these points if you’re thinking to choose one Automatic rolling shutter for home.

Consider The Following Points If You’re Looking For One:-

  • You only look after knowing about the proper details you need, the height and width.
  • Quality should be your priority.
  • Don’t settle for the minimum as it’s a great investment.
  • Must fit in your cost requirement or budget
  • Focus only on your requirements and go for the best company deals in it.
  • Don’t go to have one on an urgent basis as it takes time to design your perfect one.
  • The control mode you’re looking for comes in options like remote or button control.
  • Try to gain more information about the products online to not get confused at the shop.
Automatic rollings shutter for home

Now with all the necessary details, you’re all set to have a one for you. Moving further after acknowledging you need to choose the best company serving Automatic rolling shutter for home. Vijay Shutter is a known leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic rolling shutters for home working in the field since 2002.

 To provide only quality service at very reasonable prices. The only reason is customer satisfaction which leads us to stand out of the competition. From quality products to difficulty free and timely delivery, we provide you all at once with our satisfactory services and work from the year only by fulfilling the growing needs.

Our experts are looking forward to understanding their needs and serving them with the only one and also survived till now with varied features like smooth functioning, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance, and innumerable others. We have delivered our quality products to shops, malls, and restaurants till today and the count of satisfied customers is still increasing day by day.

 You can check on our already manufactured ones and if not we give you the facility of customized where you can choose your length, width, color, and any other specifications you are looking for. Our product range does not end at the Automatic rolling shutter for home, we also give you a variety of mechanical gear type rolling shutters, pull and push type rolling shutters, grill type rolling shutters, sitemaps, and a lot of others. You can have a sight at the official website of Vijay Shutter to learn more about the products we are dealing with.